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Celebrate Jason Aldean’s Birthday With 5 Of His Best Party Anthems!


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  • February 27, 2018

Help celebrate Aldean's Birthday with 5 of his best party anthems!

Country megastar Jason Aldean has had many successful hits under his belt, and is one of our favorites when it comes to getting the party started. From songs like “My Kinda Party" to “Wheels Rollin,'" Aldean has quite an arsenal of anthems that would lift anyones spirits (and glasses). To help celebrate the country star's birthday, February 28, we comprised a list of songs that could easily help commemorate the occasion!

So get yourself comfortable and listen to some of Aldean's best party anthems we've provided below in honor of his special day!

1. My Kinda Party

After listening to “My Kinda Party", Aldean leaves no doubt that he knows how to have a good time! Co-written by fellow country sensation and party anthem maker Brantley Gilbert, Aldean's hit reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Sticking to his familiar rockabilly style, the country singer's tune is filled with heavy guitar solos and music that will have you jamming out throughout. Listen to “My Kinda Party" in the video below:

2. Lights Come On

When listening to “Lights Come On", it's obvious that Aldean leaves his heart and soul on the track. Whether he's recording in the studio, or rocking out on stage for thousands of fans, there's no question the country singer has passion for his work. “The phrase that means to me is, it's time to go to work," says Aldean in the music video. “It's our job to go out every night and make sure they have a great time and forget whatever cares they got going on and just get to let loose for a little while."

Watch the music video below to see “Aldean and the boys about to blow it up"!

3. Dirt Road Anthem

If you ever find yourself reminiscing about the country life, “Dirt Road Anthem" is your song! Featuring lyrics such as, “So if you really want to know how it feels / To get off the road with trucks and four wheels / Jump on in and man tell your friends / We'll raise some hell where the blacktop ends," Aldean gives you a sneak peek into his life.

The country singer even brings a bit of rapping into the mix, adding a modern twist to this catchy autobiographical song.

4. Wheels Rollin'

While on the surface this tune plays out as an atmospheric ballad, the ominous undertones and guitar rifts help to amp up the song's initial misleading subtly. “Wheels Rollin'" is all about life on the road, isolation, and sacrifices made while also giving fans an insiders look into Aldean's creative mind.

You'll definitely catch yourself rocking out and getting 90′s rock vibes while listing to this hit!

5. Hicktown

Anyone who's a fan of Aldean is probably expecting to see “Hicktown" on this list, and with good reason! Not only was “Hicktown" was Aldean's first single, but it also landed him on Billboard's Country Top 10 in 2005! It's a feel-good song that brings you back to the country no matter where you are, right in the middle of Hicktown itself, complete with trucks, cowboy hats, and pretty girls!

Watch Aldean perform “Hicktown" in the video below:

There you have it, these were just a few of Aldean's best, as well as some of our favorites! Now raise a glass (or maybe a beer can) for Jason Aldean and celebrate another year around the sun for the superstar country sensation!

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