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'Star Trek' Icon William Shatner Is Going Country


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  • February 26, 2018

Best known for his role as Captain Kirk on the television series Star Trek, the iconic actor William Shatner recently shared he has signed with a country music label, Heartland Records Nashville. Shatner is also teasing a major collaboration is in the works with an unknown country star and our interest couldn't be anymore peeked!

The actor-turned-country-singer posted a short clip to YouTube, revealing that he has some great material on the way as well as hinting at a collaboration that he'll unveil in due time. "Country music – I love it!“ Shatner says at the beginning of the video, posted by his new record label. "I've got friends in the country music industry. I want to do country music, and I'm going to do country music with an icon. I can't tell you who it is right now, but it's going to be so much fun."

Shatner adds, "I've got the songs. They write songs like people write poetry; it's really incredible what these artists who write country music can do!" Shatner says. “I've got some great songs that I want to do, and I'm going to do them very soon with somebody you love. I'll talk to you later."

This isn't the first musical project to come from the actor, who has previously released eight albums, his most recent the 2013 Ponder the Mystery. He also has a close relationship with country music star Brad Paisley and has made cameos in several of his music videos such as “Celebrity" and “Online."

Stay tuned for more information on Shatner's upcoming album and the big reveal on his country collaboration!

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