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Dierks Bentley Launches Clothing Line: ‘Desert Son’


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  • February 08, 2018

Dierks Bentley partners with Flag & Anthem for rustic new clothing line!

Dierks Bentley is taking his rustic-casual style to a new level: his very own fashion line. His “Desert Son" collection is now available in partnership with Flag & Anthem.

The Desert Son collection directly reflects his own sense of style. It isn't for those who are heavily invested in fashion. It's for guys who like to throw on jeans, a t-shirt and a flannel, then head out the door. Bentley told PeopleStyle about his own style, “I can't say I'm overly fashion-oriented. So I think that is something unique about our thing. It is not meant for fashion people. It is meant for people like me, that when they were 17 years old, they saved up enough money to go buy a pair of Lucky jeans because they were the cool jeans to have back then."

He made sure that the style of the collection represented his own clothing and that he sees in his fans, “I kinda dress like my audience in some way. Not on purpose! It's just who I am. Guys come to the show with their girl and they want to wear something that looks nice, but also something that their guy friends aren't going to make fun of them for wearing. I think we do a good job of balancing that."

Bentley loved pulling in elements of his songwriting process while collaborating with Flag & Anthem. He describes that the process is similar in that “it's all in the details. In country music at least, there's not one word that doesn't matter. These guys are relentless when it comes to details, which I would say is very similar to country music songwriting."'

Bentley wants people to have a similar relationship with his clothing line as he does with his personal closet and guitars. “People think I have a ton of guitars. I have three. Same with my closet. I have like, five pairs of jeans. I am really a creature of habit. When I find something I like, I wear the heck out of it. Plus, simplifying it down a bit makes for a much easier morning."

Photo via PeopleStyle from Flag & Anthem

The vibe of the clothing line perfectly aligns with the theme of his upcoming album, The Mountain. We can't wait to see which pieces Bentley wears on-stage on his Mountain High Tour! Get your hands on the affordable collection on Flag & Anthem's website, HERE.

If you're considering grabbing a piece of the collection, just know it would mean a lot to Bentley if you wore it to one of the shows: “It would be kind of surreal. Actually seeing someone wear it at a show, that would just bring a really big smile to my face. I'd have to find that person and give 'em a beer…or at least a high five!"

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