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10 Of Our Favorite Songs Written By Chris Stapleton


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  • December 01, 2017

Chris Stapleton has been blessed with so much talent and he's been sharing it with other artists since the start of his career. With his much anticipated From A Room: Volume 2 dropping today (December 1), we thought we'd take a minute to share some of our favorite country songs recorded by other artists, but written by Stapleton.

1. “Your Man" - Josh Turner

While it's hard to imagine this song without Josh Turner's signature bass-baritone vocals, it was actually written by another country crooner. With help from Chris DuBois and Jace Everett, Stapleton delivered Turner what is arguably his most famous hit.

2. “Never Wanted Nothing More" - Kenny Chesney

This relatable and heartfelt ballad encompasses everything we love about country music. A few stories of growing up strung together by a catchy melody preaching self-acceptance and appreciation. Once you know it's a Stapleton song, it makes even more sense.


Single Cover Art, BNA & Kenny Chesney

3. “Come Back Song" - Darius Rucker

Anyone who's made a mistake in a relationship will instantly connect with this 2010 track from Rucker's self-titled album. A clever admission of fault, this song portrays a man requesting a song on the radio hoping his wronged love one will hear his remorse and “come back." Despite the lyrics, an upbeat melody and tune balances the pain.


Single Cover Art, Darius Rucker

4. “Love's Gonna Make It Alright" - George Strait

George Strait has long been known for his ability to pick excellent, enduring songs. This love song is one of our favorites to dance to, and the adorable lyrics just add to an incredible tune.


Artist: Chris Stapleton & George Strait. Photo: Rick Diamond, Getty

5. “Something To Do With My Hands" - Thomas Rhett

Not only can Stapleton write heartbreaking ballads and introspective stories, he can rock out as well. This track is a perfect example of his range when it comes to songwriting.


Single Cover Art, Valory & Thomas Rhett

6. “If It Hadn't Been For Love" - Adele

This incredible room-silencing song can really make you think. Add a whole other element by putting Adele's one of a kind vocals to the lyrics and you have a history making combination.

7. “Drink A Beer" - Luke Bryan

This tear-jerking song was a No. 1 country success, despite the theme of love and loss. A gorgeous, heart wrenching tale of hearing of the passing of a loved one, Bryan set aside his party boy antics for this one, and everyone appreciated it.

8. “Crash and Burn" - Thomas Rhett

Another hit written by Chris Stapleton delivered to the world by Thomas Rhett, and we must say, we love this pairing. From Stapleton's mind out of Rhett's mouth, not a bad formula.


Thomas Rhett & Valory

9. “Whiskey and You" - Tim McGraw

While Stapleton would eventually record this song himself and release it on album Traveller, Tim McGraw first brought the song to the masses in 2007. Both versions are excellent, with McGraw bringing a little extra pep to the heartbreak.

10. “Swing" - Trace Adkins

This is another example of how much fun Stapleton can have writing and that sense of excitement and openness is amplified during “Swing." Trace Adkins' personality and performance chops shines through this upbeat tune, but it would've never been possible without Stapleton.

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