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MegaPick: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill


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  • November 17, 2017

With successful tours and countless hits, Tim and Faith are debuting their duets album!

It's hard to believe that after 20 years of marriage and two incredible careers, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are just now releasing a duets album, but one listen through the eleven track album proves it was definitely worth the wait. On The Rest of Our Life, McGraw and Hill successfully cover all the things that make life – and the album - great: fun, adventure and, of course, love.

The album kicks off with the title track, “The Rest of Our Life" and not only sets the tone for the entire album, but is arguably the best song from the collection. Featuring simple, but relatable, lyrics and an infectious hook, the song features both McGraw and Hill's flawless voices at their best. It's worth noting that the song was co-written by pop powerhouse Ed Sheeran along with Amy Wadge, Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac.

The best part of the song is how believable every word they sing is and that it really is a true representation of their marriage. The official video for the song is realistic and relatable as well as it features the couple getting into a fight, like any normal couple would do over 20 years of marriage, but ultimately reuniting in a small town diner.

Next up on the album is “Telluride," a fun anthem that has the couple expressing that it doesn't matter where they are, as long as they are together, they are home. A familiar sentiment in country music, but Tim and Faith's take on the theme is upbeat and adventurous.

Another standout is “The Bed We Made" with a scandalous chorus: “Let's go make a mess of / The bed we made." Sung by any other couple, the song could be considered kitschy, but, once again, you completely believe that the song is an accurate representation of Hill & McGraw's marriage and, ahem, alone time together.

The LA Times put it best when describing the album as “a cozy, inoffensive depiction of an American marriage, with tender ballads and handsome up-tempo numbers preaching the gospel of devotion."

The McGraw/Hill family will celebrate the release of the album with a TV concert special from their Soul2Soul tour on Showtime tonight, November 17. They also recently announced they will be extending the Soul2Soul tour in to 2018.

The Rest of Our Life Track Listing:

  1. The Rest of Our Life (Ed Sheeran/Amy Wadge/Johhny McDaid/Steve Mac)
  2. Telluride (Jon Randall/Jessi Alexander)
  3. The Bed We Made (Lori McKenna/Liz Rose/Hillary Lindsey)
  4. Cowboy Lullaby (Brett James/Brett Beavers)
  5. Break First (Emily Weisband/Ashley Gorley/Jerry Flowers)
  6. Love Me to Lie (Hayley Warner/Maureen McDonald/Nathan Chapman)
  7. Sleeping in the Stars (Jaida Dreyer/Mark Irwin/Gareth Dunlop)
  8. Damn Good at Holding On (McKenna/Barry Dean)
  9. Devil Callin' Me Back (Jesse Frasure/Ben Caver/Nolan Sipe)
  10. Speak to a Girl (Shy Carter/Dave Gibson/Joe Spargur)
  11. Roll the Dice (Carter/Bobby Hammrick/James LeBlanc/Meghan Trainor)

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