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Rascal Flatts Battle Boyz II Men on ‘Drop the Mic’


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  • November 16, 2017

One of the greatest things to happen in 2017 has to be the introduction of Drop the Mic on TBS. Based off the popular segment from The Late Late Show with James Corden, the show consists of celebrities from all fields, entertainment, music, sports and pop culture, rap battling each other in front of a live studio audience who determine the winner via an applause meter.

In the most recent episode of Drop the Mic, the men of Rascal Flatts took on 1990′s R&B sensations Boyz II Men in a truly hilarious, and good natured, diss fest.

Each member of the country trio rapped individually, proving they're by no means locked into one genre. Lead guitarist Joe Don Rooney took the first crack for his team with the following series of bars in response to Wanya Morris, “So we're battling Boyz II Men, how do we dare step on the favorite band of single grandma's everywhere? 'It's So Hard To Say Goodbye [To Yesterday]' is incredibly beautiful, you've probably heard it, if you've been to a funeral."

Not bad for a country boy, eh? And it only gets better from there. Some of the highlights, from both sides, are listed below. Be sure to watch the entire 4 minutes, it's worth it.

“It took me a second to look at your crew, three old white guys, what is this, Fox News?" - Wanya Morris, Boyz II Men

“When it comes to country, you're a tradition, despite the fact you look like a bunch of Republican magicians." -Shawn Stockman, Boyz II Men

“'What Hurts The Most' was a real breakthrough, but what really hurts the most, is listening to you." - Nathan Morris, Boyz II Men

“So you're on the road with New Kids? Now what's that tour called? Oh, here's some guys that we used to like who have now gone bald." - Gary LeVox, Rascal Flatts

“You have a residency in Vegas, does that cause some confusion? Do you play the Mirage because your career is an illusion?" - Jay DeMarcus, Rascal Flatts

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