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Ryan Hurd ‘Found Love In a Bar,’ Talks Wedding & Fiancé Maren Morris


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  • November 07, 2017

Ryan Hurd has found success in country music after many years of working hard in Nashville, and things only got better from there. When he met his now fiancé, Maren Morris, the two were riding the early waves of success and became a dynamic duo before their fans eyes.

Recently, the “City Girl" singer confided, “I'm proud of her as an ambassador for her genre," he says of Morris. “This is my career – I work in country music in Nashville, TN – and to have somebody like that be the face of country music outside of Nashville, in pop music and all of the other places, it's just really awesome to see her get the recognition."

Ima video girl in this guy's video. 😊 Watch @ryanhurd 's “Love in a Bar" on @vevo now! 💘🍻

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But that wasn't the only praise he rained on his future wife, “I'm really proud of her and her [Hero] album. I'm really proud of her for being nominated again for Female Vocalist of the Year. To me, I think she should win, but I think she should win everything, so that's probably not a good opinion," he admits. “It's going to be a really special night, and I'm really excited to get to see her shine again. I think she's such a great artist, but also such an awesome person."

So how does the Michigan native feel about getting to include superstar girlfriend in his video? “It's really relaxed, I'm really proud of the song and also getting to showcase a little bit of our relationship and letting people have a little sliver, a window, of what we do on a normal day on vacation or in a special place. And that's actually where I proposed to Maren, too, was at that same house," he added, “so we didn't reenact anything, but we got to shoot some very familiar things. It was really a special project."

Special indeed! Check out the video and see the genuine emotion for yourself.

As for wedding planning, it sounds just as fun and exciting as it should be for these two love birds. “I love talking about the wedding stuff and planning it. The cool part is that Maren doesn't have any bad ideas. She's got really great taste, so there's not a lot I have to be like, 'I don't really dig that.'"There's a lot of things that are really intimate and special,“ Hurd adds. "It's fun to hear her talk about it … And also, we're really blessed to have a lot of family and friends that are going to be there … and we're really pumped about getting to have that moment."

Congrats to one of country's latest and greatest couples! With videos like that one, it's easy to see why they are so in love.

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