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The TODAY Show Has a Country Halloween


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  • October 31, 2017

The cast of the TODAY Show has been known to rock some pretty great costumes in years past, but we must say, we're biased toward this theme.

This year, the entire cast emulated one country music icon or another. From left to right we have Carson Daly as Billy Ray Cyrus, Megyn Kelly as Shania Twain, Savannah Gunthrie as Kenny Rogers, Matt Lauer as Dolly Parton, Kathie Lee Gifford as Miley Cyrus, Hoda Kotb as Blake Shelton, Al Roker as Willie Nelson and the original Billy Ray Cyrus himself.

Hoda, who is a huge self-proclaimed Blake Shelton fan, was honored to be accompanied onstage by the real deal. Check out this hilarious video of the national host being starstruck by her favorite artist.

Matt Lauer joked to the cameras that every year the TODAY show producers convince him to dress as a woman for Halloween, but raises the question, how do they choose which woman he should be? Enter: the “Big Book of Halloween Ideas." Accompanied by a comical walk down memory lane, Lauer leads us to this years iconic costume inspiration, Dolly Parton. In the most incredible twist, the “Jolene" singer herself appears in the doorway to coach the TODAY host on how to “Dolly." Watch the transformation in action in this hilarious clip TODAY posted to their Twitter, Parton has a truly impressive sense of humor, especially when it comes to herself.

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