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Kellie Pickler Performs Emotional Single Penned for 'Mama Faye’


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  • October 25, 2017

Over the summer, Kellie Pickler shared an impromptu single with fans, “If It Wasn't For A Woman." While new music wasn't exactly on the docket for the busy starlet, this tune came to her so naturally that she knew she had to share it. Debuted at CMA Fest, the heartfelt ballad has gained heavy traction amongst country music fans.

In an emotional performance on her new talkshow Pickler & Ben, Kellie was asked by co-host Ben Aaron to share the moving story behind the song. Pickler confides, “This is one of the most special songs I've ever written or co-written with my husband and our dear friend Brian Bunn. We wrote this song at our kitchen table and it is all to shine a light on my grandmother Faye, who is the woman that I called mom. She raised me and she very much made me the woman I am today. Or I could only hope to be half the woman she was. This is all for grandma Faye. This is for everybody's grandma. For any woman you have in your life. We all have that woman that we draw strength from and that made us who we are." A possible reason for the success of the song is its ability to transport the listener right back to their own special memories with the leading woman in their lives.

Of its inception, Pickler admits, “This was actually on the anniversary of my grandmother Faye's passing. And I was kinda having my own little pity party in the bedroom, and I was on the phone with my great aunt Jean, which is my grandma Faye's sister, and I told her, 'I said I just hope [mama Faye] visits me today,' and she said 'She will baby, she will.' And she did, I think she wrote the song, I don't know that we had anything to do with it, I think she wrote it."

Watch the moving performance that brought both Kellie, and the audience, to tears.

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