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MegaPick: Shania Twain


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  • September 29, 2017

Shania Twain stands on the other side of heartbreak with the release of her new album!

Shania Twain stands on the other side of heartbreak and loss as she releases her long awaited album, Now. The 16-track album is her release since 2002.


In an article from USA Today, Twain makes clear that the album is less about sulking about the negative events of the last decade, and more about moving on and persevering. Twain states, “This is about celebrating survival, perseverance, optimism, embracing hope. Don't ignore where you are if it's dark, but don't ignore the light at the end of the tunnel, either. I think if we don't face our pain we are stuck with it forever." She allowed herself to feel and create through the disappointment and came out with a piece of art that she can is extremely proud of. Twain is responsible for solely writing every song on the album, as well as co-producing alongside Jake Gosling, Jacquire King, Matthew Koma, Ron Aniello.

“Swingin' With My Eyes Closed" pairs a tropical-pop sound with her famous country voice in a track about embracing life and the unknown. (“I'm swingin' / With my eyes closed / Got my head down / A Wide open road / I'm swingin' / With my eyes closed / Only God knows / How far it goes")

“Light Of My Life" is a moody song about trusting and loving again. (“You are the light of my life / My little piece of the pie / American beauty / Apple of my eye / You are the light of my life")

“Poor Me," one of the pre-release tracks from the album, has a contemporary beat and Twain embraces pop elements to the fullest. The lyrics are hauntingly honest and speak about the struggles she went through at the end of her marriage. (“Poor me this, Poor me that / Why do I keep looking back / Poor me this, Poor me that / It's not white, it's not black / Gray's the color that I see, still can't believe he'd leave me / To Love her / Pour, pour me another")

“You Can't Buy Love" is one of the more upbeat, fun songs from the album pairing sweet harmonies together to create a bluesy sound. (“You can't buy love / But you can make it / You can't make sunshine / But you can make love")

Fans can order Shania Twain's latest album, Now, here. Twain is hitting the road in 2018 and you can buy tickets here.

Shania Twain, Now track listing:

  1. Swingin' With My Eyes Closed
  2. Home Now
  3. Light of My Life
  4. Poor Me
  5. Who's Gonna Be Your Girl
  6. More Fun
  7. I'm Alright
  8. Let's Kiss and Make Up
  9. Where Do You Think You're Going
  10. Roll Me on the River
  11. We Got Something They Don't
  12. Because of You
  13. You Can't Buy Love
  14. Life's About to Get Good
  15. Soldier
  16. All in All

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