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Pumpkin Spice Your Life With These Must-Have Fall Finds


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  • September 22, 2017

We're not exactly sure when pumpkin spice became synonymous with fall, but we do know that it has. This trendy takeover began with Starbucks lattes and has since been popping up every fall season. This seasonal staple has been making appearances in surprising hosts, like Trident chewing gum or Jell-O. While some of the highlighted products are indisputably mouth-watering, there are a few options we wouldn't mine sitting out.

Even country stars can't get enough of it. Country superstar LeAnn Rimes is a self-proclaimed lover of all things pumpkin spice, tweeting about using the flavor to craft a smoothie in August.

Ryan Follese admittedly took a while to hop on the bandwagon, but updated his followers with a funny tweet to let them know of the monumental moment when it happened.

Do you know someone with a passion for the pumpkin spice craze? We all do. Thanks to sites like Etsy, a range of novel products are available for gifting to the fall lover in your life; even if that person is yourself.

Check out the full “One Stop Pumpkin Spice Shop" gallery on Megacountry.

5 Pumpkin Spice Fun Facts:

1) The Pumpkin Spice Latte or PSL, was debuted by Starbucks as a seasonal beverage 13 years ago in the fall of 2003.
2) In 2016, Trader Joe's had a whopping 70 pumpkin-flavored products in stock for the fall season.
3) According to the market research firm, NPD group, 72% of people buy only one PSL per season.
4) Pumpkin spice is actually a combination of 4-5 individual spices: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger and not always, but sometimes, pumpkin.
5) The Starbucks PSL has its own Twitter handle, and it's verified.

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