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MegaPick: Midland


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  • September 22, 2017

Midland incorporates a beautiful representation of traditional country in their album!

Midland's debut album, On The Rocks, came out today and graced the country music community and fans. Mark Wystrach (lead singer), Jess Carson (lead guitarist), and Cameron Duddy (bass player) make up the country trio signed to Big Machine Records. While many country artists are mixing pop into their sound, Midland showcases a beautiful representation of traditional country in this 13-track album.


Midland's Album On The Rocks

In an interview with Music Row, the members each gave their insights into On The Rocks: “We've poured our hearts and souls into writing and making these songs and are extremely proud of what we've been able to create," said Wystrach. “On The Rocks is a confluence of our musical tastes and our reverence for classic country," said Duddy. “This record is truly a nod to the time period we are influenced by and is an effort to bring that sound and that pageantry back to the forefront," added Carson.

The entire album takes us back to traditional country roots and “Lonely For You Only" is a great start to showcase what to expect in each track. (“Cause I'm lonely for you only / And every day is just a deeper shade of blue / And I don't want no heart to ever hold me / Cause I'm only lonely for you")

“Drinkin' Problem," the lead single from the album, went number one on Mediabase's Country Airplay Chart back in August, making it the group's first number one song. The song's easy-listening melody carries a story of drinking and heartbreaks. (“People say I got a drinkin' problem / That ain't no reason to stop / People sayin' that I've hit rock bottom / Just cause I'm livin' on the rocks / Yeah some broken-hearted thinkin' problem / So pull that bottle off the wall / People say I got a drinkin' problem but I got no problem drinkin' at all")

“Burn Out" uses metaphorical lyrics to tell a story of a failed flame. (“Watchin' cigarettes burn out / Till all the neon gets turned out / There's nothing left but empty glasses now / It's all flashes now / Smoking memory that ain't nothing but ashes / In the low lights / It's done me wrong, so tempt me right / I'm so on fire for you it hurts how / Fast a cigarette can burn out")

The album ends with “Somewhere On The Wind." Spot-on harmonies weave throughout the track. It's the perfect send-off song for the album, with the message of the song carrying the pain of goodbye. (“Goodbye is just so hard to say / So let's just say I'll see you again / And I already miss you / So baby let me kiss you / Before I head back to where I've always been / Somewhere on the wind / Somewhere on the wind")

The group had the opportunity to work with esteemed producers Dann Huff, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne on this project. Midland has the opportunity to go on The Breakers Tour with Little Big Town and Kacey Musgraves this winter, so be sure to check out dates and get tickets to see them in a venue near you here.

Order your copy of On The Rocks here and see the track-list below:

On The Rocks track listing:

  1. Lonely For You Only (Jess Carson, Cameron Duddy, Mark Wystrach, Rhett Akins, Josh Osborne)
  2. Make A Little (Carson, Duddy, Wystrach, Shane McAnally, Osborne)
  3. Drinkin' Problem (Carson, Duddy, Wystrach, McAnally, Osborne)
  4. At Least You Cried (Carson, Duddy, Wystrach, Jonathan Singleton)
  5. Burn Out (Carson, Duddy, Wystrach, McAnally, Osborne)
  6. Out Of Sight (Carson, Duddy, Wystrach, Luke Laird, McAnally)
  7. More Than A Fever (Carson, Duddy, Wystrach, McAnally, Osborne)
  8. Check Cashin' Country (Carson)
  9. Nothin' New Under The Neon (Carson, Duddy, Wystrach, McAnally, Osborne)
  10. This Old Heart (Carson, Wystrach, David Lee Murphy, Singleton)
  11. Altitude Adjustment (Carson, Duddy, Wystrach, Akins, Rodney Clawson)
  12. Electric Rodeo (Carson, Duddy, Wystrach, McAnally, Osborne)
  13. Somewhere On The Wind (Carson, Duddy, Wystrach, Akins, Osborne)

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