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Shania Twain Releases New Single, ‘We Got Something They Don’t’


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  • September 18, 2017

While Shana Twain's new album Now will be released at the end of September, Twain is keeping the anticipation bubbling with the release of the record's latest single “We Got Something They Don’t."

The country pop tune is an up-beat and foot-tapping good time that will have listeners happily swaying to the beat. Written by Twain and producer Jacquire King, the song is about a relationship that few people understand, but that has a special magic that keeps them together. (“We got something they don’t /
Flame so high / Let’s go wild / We’re on fire / We’re home / Sweet home (Sweet home) / Oh don’t it taste good / To be together.") The country star shared the single's lyric video to Facebook, also saying, “TWO WEEKS until my new album #ShaniaNOW is released! I’m very excited to share "We Got Something They Don’t” with you guys."

So far, Twain's newly released singles have been thematically filled with different emotions. To reflect the new trajectory her life has taken since the ending of her marriage to Mutt Lange and her relationship with now-husband Federic Thiebaud, Twain's album is full of heartbreak, optimism and insight. “I’ve got happy moments, I’ve got sad moments,“ Twain tells Rolling Stone Countryof the collection. "And I wanted the diversity of emotions in there, so I had to basically pull out things that were leaning the balance any one direction too much.”

The country singer is also very aware that this album would give fans a peek into her psyche over the last few years and wanted to create something that answered questions fans may have been wondering. During an interview with Independent, she says, “The timing for this album for me was very important – I don't want to have to dodge around questions, avoid things. It's so much easier to be open. It's so empowering. It's scary to take the risk, and to take on that challenge, but the reward is so great, and it was necessary for me anyway. Even if it hadn't worked, I had to do it."

Twain's album Now will be available September 29.

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