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Lee Brice Announces Release Date for Upcoming Album


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  • September 18, 2017

Lee Brice just announced that his upcoming self-titled album is coming out on November 3. The album is his first to be released in over three years and has already gained esteemed buzz from the three pre-released tracks: “What Keeps You Up At Night," “Boy," and “Rumor."

“Boy," the lead single from the album, is a heartfelt ballad written for his little boys. Even the toughest person will be in tears from the start listening to the heartfelt lyrics. (“You gonna drive and kiss and throw a punch / And grow up way too fast / You gonna drop the ball, hit the wall / And break some hearts like glass / I know you will / ‘Cause you’re a part of me / And a part of you / Will always be a boy")

“What Keeps You Up At Night" begins with a slow piano, transforming into a strong, upbeat song about living and learning. (“What keeps you up at night / What makes your heart beat wild / What weighs on your mind / Leaves you paralyzed / What keeps you up at night / What makes you take a stand / Wanna get up and dance / What makes you laugh you cry / Raise your hands to the sky / What keeps you up at night")

“Rumor," which dropped on Friday, is the latest look into the album. The flirty song cleverly spins small town rumors into a charming pitch to woo over a girl. (“There's a rumor goin' around / About me and you / Stirring up our little town / The last week or two / So tell me why we're even tryin' to deny this feeling / I feel it, don't you feel it two / There's a rumor goin' round and round and round / What do you say we make it true")

In an article with Nash Country Daily, Brice explains the creative process for this album, “Writing this [new] record was a personal and vulnerable experience. Every song is a snapshot of who I am right now. I've labored over every word and every note, and I can't wait to share it."

Preorder Lee Brice here and check out his tour dates here to catch him live.

Lee Brice track listing:

  1. What Keeps You Up At Night
  2. Little Things
  3. American Nights
  4. Boy
  5. They Won't Forget Us
  6. I Don't Smoke
  7. You Can't Help Who You Love
  8. Rumor
  9. The Locals
  10. Songs In The Kitchen
  11. Story To Tell
  12. Have a Good Day
  13. Eyes Closed
  14. Dixie Highway
  15. The Best Part of Me

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