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New Artist Spotlight: Mitchell Tenpenny


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  • September 13, 2017

Mitchell Tenpenny is an up and coming country artist who brings a soulful, fresh sound!

Mitchell Tenpenny is an up and coming country artist who brings a soulful, fresh sound. Though he just released his first EP this year, he was introduced to the music industry at a very young age. According to CMT, his late grandmother, Donna Hilley was a prominent figure within the music industry as the president of Sony/ATV Publishing. It was in her office that Tenpenny discovered his purpose in life: to create music. His grandmother had such a transformative impact on his music that he named his EP after the street she lived on.

CMT said in an article, “Even now that he's stepping into the spotlight as an artist, Tenpenny still has the heart of a songwriter — one full of notes, memories, lyrical ideas and techniques all his own, inspired by the beauty and beautiful mess around him in his everyday life." Tenpenny is signed with Riser House Entertainment. He penned every song on his debut EP, Linden Avenue, which came out earlier this year.

One song from the EP that has caught a lot of attention is “Bitches," which he “unapologetically" named. The song honestly addresses a personal experience that, sadly, many people can relate with. He explains, “a buddy of mine had just been cheated on and, in the past, I'd been cheated on. I kept thinking about that lousy feeling and the word that came to mind was 'bitches.' It wasn't about a specific girl or girls in general, but about people who cheat…Yeah, it can be a harsh word, but in our song, it's about a feeling more than a cuss."

Tenpenny is currently kicking off a fall tour, while also opening for Granger Smith and Jake Owen. As stated in All Access, “[He] will cover the Southeastern college markets on his own and will join up with Smith's tour for its Midwest run and Owen's for a Northeast leg." Check out his tour dates here and order his debut EP, Linden Street, here.

Linden Street track listing:

  1. Laid Back
  2. Mixed Drinks
  3. Make It to the Party
  4. Truck I Drove in High School
  5. Bitches
  6. If the Boot Fits (Acoustic)

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