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Shania Twain’s ‘Solidier’ to be Featured in New Movie


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  • September 06, 2017

2017 has been an exciting year for superstar Shania Twain. The country singer is releasing her first album in 15 years this month, performed at Stagecoach, has an exhibit at Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame and will be making her acting debut alongside John Travolta in a new film. Even with all that, Twain still has another exciting announcement up her sleeve!

The country icon took to her social media accounts earlier today (September 6) and shared her song “Soldier," from her new album, will be featured in an upcoming war film. Thank You For Your Service will star Miles Teller, Haley Bennett and Keisha Castle-Hughs and is about a group of soldiers struggling to return back to civilian life after coming home from Iraq. Twain's track serves as an anthem to the film's powerful thematic message and will likely have fans reaching for the tissues. Where did you go my love / I need to know you're safe / I need to see your face / has anybody seen my soldier standing all alone / has anybody seen my soldier / oh, has anybody sen my soldier standing all alone / has anybody seen my soldier just trying to get home.

Twain's new album, Now, will be available September 29 and has released several tracks off the upcoming record, including the upbeat single “Life's About To Get Good," the ballad “Poor Me" and the infectious country/pop track “Swingin' With My Eyes Closed." The film Thank You For Your Service will be released to theaters October 27.

Watch the full trailer in the video below:

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