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MegaPick: The Cadillac Three


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  • September 01, 2017

The Cadillac Three released their new album Legacy on August 25 and it's heavily packed with soul, country, and rock influences. The country southern rock trio signed to Big Machine Records is made up of Nashville natives Jaren Johnston (lead vocals/guitarist), Neil Mason (drummer), and Kelby Ray (lap-steel). Before the band formed, they each had successful songwriting careers and have carried over their songwriting talents to the creation of Legacy.


In an article from The Boot, Mason describes the album, “We started the Legacy album the day Bury Me in My Boots came out last August because there were some songs we were excited about and we wanted to jump in the studio and do what we do live for a minute — to see what would happen. We didn't really tell anyone what was up, and by the end of the year, we had cut the whole album and produced it ourselves."

The album is full of great songs but these are just a few of our favorites:

“Hank & Jesus" begins with Johnston's raw vocals and smooth guitar, transitioning from an old school country vibe into a tough rock and roll feeling later in the song. (“Thank daddy for Hank / Thank mama for Jesus / Between the vinyl and the bible it was everything I ever needed / It was six strings on a Saturday night / Sunday morning seeing the light / Thank daddy for Hank / thank mama for Jesus")

“American Slang" is a great sing-along track that brings a sense of unity into the lyrics. (“We are the back roads dirty water soul banks / From the city to the country doing our thing, our way / Say things that I was gonna say / Freedom of our age / we are born and raised on American Slang / Born and raise on American Slang yeah")

“Take Me To The Bottom" showcases the rock and roll talent that The Cadillac Three has up their sleeves. (Your love is a like that Mississippi River / Your hands like a preacher, baby, I'm a new believer / Hold me down down down down down / Fill me up girl let me drown / If you want my heart / If you want my soul you gotta / Take me to the bottom")

It's ON tomorrow y'all 🤘🏼 -tc3 boys

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The group headlined at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN last night and, to top it off, they played to a sold out crowd. If you're not a fan yet, check out Legacy immediately. Purchase your copy of Legacy here and check out their upcoming tour dates here to catch them live.

Legacy track listing:

1. Cadillacin' (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason )
2. Tennessee (Jaren Johnston)
3. Hank & Jesus (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Angelo Petraglia)
4. Dang If We Didn't (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Jonathan Singleton)
5. Ain't That Country (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, James Slater)
6. American Slang (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Lori McKenna"
7. Take Me to the Bottom (Jaren Johnston)
8. Long Hair Don't Care (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Angelo Petraglia)
9. Love Me Like Liquor (featuring Lori McKenna) (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Lori McKenna)
10. Demolition Man (Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason, Angelo Petraglia)
11. Legacy (Jaren Johnston, Ben Burgess, Laura Veltz)

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