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Craig Wayne Boyd Announces New Album, ‘Top Shelf’


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  • August 31, 2017

Since winning Season 7 of The Voice, Craig Wayne Boyd has been busy recording new music and just announced his long awaited album, Top Shelf, scheduled to hit the stores October 27.

In a quote from The Boot, Craig Wayne Boyd tells how the title came to be, “I feel like the album itself — it's got a little bit of the grit, the whiskey, to it … [but] with my wife now being such an important part of my life, she brought a little bit of sophistication to me. So it's a little bit like whiskey and wine, but rather than calling it Whiskey and Wine, I felt like, 'You know what, it's not the cheap stuff; it's the top shelf.‘"


Craig Wayne Boyd's Album Top Shelf

Fans can expect a sonically diverse album with fun country tracks and gospel inspired melodies. Boyd, staying close to his roots, incorporated an Eric Clapton cover, “Presence of the Lord," to give honor to what he believes. For other songs, like “Somewhere In There," his wife joined him in offering harmonies to make it a romantic duet. According to The Boot's exclusive release, many songs were recorded years ago. Boyd and producer Will Edwards worked together to make this album relevant to his life now by rerecording and tweaking songs to better represent this stage of his life.

In an article from Music Row Boyd says, “I've felt so much love from people who supported me from day one! I am so excited to finally get to share some new music with those loyal fans and maybe win over a few new ones in the meantime."

Craig Wayne Boyd is spending time traveling to radio stations across America to promote the album. Pre-orders begin September 15.

Top Shelf track listing:

  1. Stuck In My Head

  2. Somewhere In There

  3. She's Killing Me

  4. Wild Ways

  5. We Sweat

  6. Everywhere You Go

  7. Sweet Temptation

  8. Better Together 

  9. Hold Me Up

  10. Only In My Mind 

  11. Interlude

  12. Presence of the Lord

  13. Sweet Temptation Mini Jam

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