Happy National Dog Day: Dogs In Boots


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  • August 25, 2017

National Dog Day recognizes all breeds, pure and mixed, and was created to help the public recognize the number of dogs in dire need of a home, either from public shelters, rescues or pure breed rescues. Officially Saturday (August 26), the holiday also honors family dogs to dogs that work selflessly to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort.

To help celebrate, we got some of our best friends together for a doggy photo shoot and we promise it's as adorable as it sounds. From a burley boxer to a scrappy terror, our pooches modeled like the best of them and we can’t wait to share the exclusive photos as well as video with you!

Check out our dogs rocking some killer boots in the behind the scenes video below:

If you would like to find a bandana like the awesome ones our pups are sporting, check out Penham Supply Co. and follow them on Instagram. For more on Dog In Boots, look through our photo shoot featured here.

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