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Dolly Parton Reveals Plans For First-Ever Children’s Album


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  • August 16, 2017

Dolly Parton is bringing her new album 'I Believe In You' to the children of the world!

Dolly Parton is set to release her first ever children's album, I Believe In You, and is exactly the sort of project that has given her such a prolific musical career. Despite having delivered countless hits and stellar albums, the “Jolene" singer never stops looking for new opportunities to put great music into the world.


Dolly Parton's I Believe In You Album Artwork

A digital release of I Believe In You will be available through Dolly Records/RCA Nashville on September 29 and the physical copy comes out worldwide on October 13. All 14 songs on the album were written and performed by Parton. The project features both new songs and recordings of the country legend's classics, like “Coat Of Many Colors." Parton will bring the LP to a close by reading her children's book, also titled Coat Of Many Colors, for the last track.

The album is very characteristic of Parton, who's always been passionate about giving kids access to books and the education that they need. She founded Imagination Library in 1995 as part of her Dollywood Foundation to make sure that every child has an opportunity to read as many books as their heart desires. It's a special moment for Parton, while she has been able to support children through her charity efforts, this will be her chance to channel that care into music.

“My first album was released 50 years ago and it's been an amazing 50 years since then," Parton opined in a statement. “I am very excited now that I'm coming out with my first children's album in all of those years. I'm proudest of all that all of the proceeds from this CD will go to the Imagination Library. It's been 20 years since the Imagination Library was launched. We've seen 100 million books get into the hands of children and hopefully there will be many more."

Check out the track listing below! You and your child won't want to miss out on this special project.

I Believe In You track listing:

1. “I Believe In You"
2. “Coat Of Many Colors"
3. “Together Forever"
4. “I Am A Rainbow"
5. “I'm Here"
6. “A Friend Like You"
7. “Imagination"
8. “You Can Do It"
9. “Responsibility"
10. “You Gotta Be"
11. “Makin' Fun Ain't Funny"
12. “Chemo Hero"
13. “Brave Little Soldier"
14. Bonus Spoken Audio Track: Coat Of Many Colors Children's Book

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