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Danielle Bradbery Releases ‘Human Diary’ Music Video


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  • August 14, 2017

The music video for Danielle Bradbery's new track, “Human Diary," premiered on Rolling Stone Country on Friday, August 11th, and it will break your heart in the best of ways. The video features a very vulnerable Bradbery, pacing the floor of her bedroom, crying out the lyrics straight from the depths of her heart.

The lyrics of “Human Diary," penned by Josh Kerr and Emily Weisband, cut deep into one of the hardest parts about breaking up—letting someone leave with the secrets you shared. (“'Cause you were my human diary / So when you left you didn't just leave / No, you took all my secrets with you / You took all my secrets with you / And now you're with someone else / And thinkin' 'bout it hurts like hell / And you took all my secrets with you / You took all my secrets with you").

Bradbery told Rolling Stone Country, “I was immediately brought to tears when I first heard ‘Human Diary. It’s such a relatable song, and I really wanted to expose what I was feeling that day. Everyone knows what it feels like to put their trust in someone and then feel robbed when they walk away, so I feel like this is a perfect taste of what I was going for on this album – pure honesty." The video is simple, stripped down, and exactly what the song exemplifies.

“Human Diary" is the second track we've heard from Bradbery's forthcoming album, I Don't Believe We've Met Yet, which comes out on December 1st. You can pre-order her album and limited edition bundles on her website HERE. When you pre-order the album you will receive an instant download of “Human Diary," as well as “Sway," the lead single from the album.

Watch the official “Human Diary" video below:

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