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Brett Eldredge Hits The Big Apple


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  • August 10, 2017

Hopefully you caught Brett Eldredge on the Today set on Monday (August 7). The “The Long Way" singer is currently in New York City to promote his self-titled third studio album, but not just on TV. The man is also taking it to the streets.

However, chances are you won't even recognize him. Eldredge is having some fun with his time on the east coast by posing as a classic NYC tourist in the heart of the city.

Wearing a cliche tourist T-shirt and a hilarious NYC landmark on your head just got a whole lot cooler. But that's just the beginning. The country star is also taking over the streets of Chicago! Eldredge, a die-hard Cubs fan, enlisted the help of Chicago artist Jim Bachor, to boost his brand there. Bachor is known for turning the city's innumerable potholes into beautiful mosaic art and Eldredge got the same treatment.

Bachor made a Chicago flag out of tiles with the singer's name embedded in the piece and it's rooted in the ground just west of the intersection of Clark and Grace streets in the entrance to the alley on the south side of Grace.


Artist: Jim Bachor

In a recent statement, he said, “I love art and love seeing different people's spin on seeing the world. I like that he takes normally disliked things like potholes and puts beautiful art in it and this just happens to be stuff that promotes my music. Once I heard that Jim is making this kind of thing and he's from Chicago it really made sense for him to take a shot at this album promo."

Eldredge dropped his self-titled album on August 4 and it's been rocketing up the charts ever since, reaching No. 1 on iTunes. He's still out on tour with Luke Bryan for his Huntin,' Fishin,' & Lovin' Everyday Tour and the two will perform in Chicago on September 16 at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Tinley Park.

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