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Granger Smith Releases ‘Happens Like That’ Music Video


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  • August 10, 2017

Granger Smith has dropped an adorable music video for “Happens Like That," the lead single from his upcoming album due this fall. The song conveys how quickly life happens by capturing the journey of life's major events that add up to determine the rest of your journey.

The video was shot in a cornfield through night and dusk and it's a family affair! Featuring Smith's wife Amber Smith as his true love with a special appearance from his son River later in the video. To get the scoop on production and more details on the music video, check out the behind the scenes video below.

The single has been on Billboard's Country Airplay Chart for just two weeks and is already positioned at No. 47. When talking to Billboard about his upcoming album, Smith explained, “The approach to this entire new album is very unique from the way I've worked in the past. With any time I have during my days on tour, I have taken that opportunity to fill it completely with making music. Bringing writing friends out on tour has allowed the creativity to be so relaxed and free. There is a special camaraderie and in many ways, making music feels like it did in the early days of my career – a few buddies sitting around with guitars telling stories. Writing on tour, in the heart of all our fans, where ultimately the songs will be delivered, is a game changer for me. We can literally look out the window of the bus and write songs about the town where we are parked. That's exactly how 'Happens Like That' was penned, sitting on the bus in a parking lot in Tacoma, WA, watching fans file into the show. I can't get more connected than that."

Check out the official music video for Granger Smith's “It Happens Like That" below.

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