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The Wreckers Reunite in Nashville For One Night Only


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  • August 09, 2017

Pop/rock artist Michelle Branch and former Wreckers partner Jessica Harp will reunite for one night only during a special show in Nashville on Sunday, August 13. The former country duo performed together from 2004 and 2007 and produced hits such as “Leave The Pieces" and “My, Oh My." Their reunion will also mark the singers' first time seeing each other in seven years.

Branch left Nashville in 2010 and moved back to Los Angeles after her musical career began to hit a few snags. Her label had shelved The Wreckers' second album and a proposed new solo album was also rejected. In 2014, Branch was also dropped from her label which was around the same time she separated from her now ex-husband. “It really felt like my life was a snow globe, and someone turned it upside down," she says. “And when it cleared, nothing was in its right place. … And I do think that was necessary in order to make this record, as confusing and scary and painful as it was at times. It's definitely nice to be out on the other end and see that it actually led to some positive stuff in my life."

Now with her first solo record in 14 years, Hopeless Romantic, Branch is beginning to reinvent her career. Her debut record The Spirit Room dropped when she was only 18 and now in her 30′s, Branch is ready for a new beginning. “I've noticed since day one, when The Spirit Room came out, the people who really fell in love with those albums were my age. And they kind of grew up with me. I had someone just the other day (after a show) in Raleigh, and she said, 'I've been listening to you since I was 10, and now this new album relates so much to my life.' Somehow you always relate. … I know there will be some people who come to the show who are like, 'Oh, she played a lot of new songs, and I'm not into it.' And that's fine."

She also adds, “You can't make everyone happy. But I love playing those old songs because I'm just as nostalgic for them as the people who are coming to the shows are."

See Michelle Branch perform on Sunday at Marathon Music Works, along with a special appearance from former country partner Harp. The show kicks off at 8PM and tickets are $23.

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