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MegaPick: Brett Eldredge


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  • August 04, 2017

Eldridge's self-tilted album is filled with beautiful insights into the singer's life!

Brett Eldredge released his self-titled third studio album, Brett Eldredge, today, August 4. The country singer decided to self-title the album due to the personal nature of each song. He tells The Boot, “It's way more in-depth from a perspective of where I'm at with love and with heartbreak. It's just another level of my personality and melody and lyric…I've never gotten this deep before, and I'm excited to go this deep."

The 12-track album was produced by Ross Copperman, one of Eldredge's closest friends and most trusted cowriters.

Eldredge's lead single, “Somethin' I'm Good At," brings along upbeat, feel-good vibes geared toward making people dance, laugh, and enjoy life.

“We're all just people; we're all just having fun. I wanted to remind people of that. In the end, that becomes endearing; that makes somebody smile… There's somebody out there that's going to like you and love you for the crazy mess that you are. That's what I'm always looking for, and that's why I wrote the song, and I finally found something I'm good at. That's what it's all about."

More of our favorites from the album include “The Long Way" and “Haven't Met You." “The Long Way" is a mid-tempo romantic song that tells a story of falling in love and wanting to know every little detail about the other person. “Haven't Met You" comes straight from Eldredge's heart as he dreams about one day meeting the love of his life: “You could be in Dallas or L.A. / 30,000 feet up on a plane / You could be the dream that I've always chased / Every second, every place / Always looking for your face / And I know it's one I'll never forget / So I guess I haven't met you yet."

Get your copy of the country crooner's latest album Brett Eldredge HERE! Also, catch him live on Luke Bryan's Huntin', Fishin', and Lovin' Every Day Tour. Check out tour dates and purchase tickets here.

Brett Eldredge track listing:

1. “Love Someone"
2. “Superhero"
3. “The Long Way"
4. “The Reason"
5. “Somethin' I'm Good At"
6. “Haven't Met You"
7. “Somethin' I'm Good At"
8. “Brother"
9. “Heartbreaker"
10. “Crystal Clear"
11. “Cycles"

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