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Brad Paisley Makes Comedic Appearance on ‘Seth Meyers’


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  • August 03, 2017

Brad Paisley penned one of the most romantic country ballads in 2006, and now, after 11 years, he's put a comedic twist on the sweet song. “She's Everything," co-written with Wil Nance, is a sure-fire love song, but as Paisley proved on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night, August 2, the song also provides the foundation for a pretty hilarious shakeup.

“She's Everything" has no doubt been many a bride and groom's wedding anthem since its inception. And guess what couple featured the song at their 2013 wedding? Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi Ashe. Meyers had invited Paisley to perform the song at their reception. The two chuckled over the memory during Tuesday night's episode, also featured in the video below:

Paisley took their fond memory as an opportunity to show Meyers and the audience the new “director's cut" of “She's Everything." He figured Meyers would appreciate the funny parody now that he's settled in to his marriage. He whipped his guitar out from behind his chair, and burst into song, turning a heartfelt, romantic song into a comedic bit that left only a semblance of romance in the air. Safe to say the audience, and Meyers, loved it.

The country star also promoted his upcoming Netflix special, Brad Paisley's Comedy Rodeo, which drops on August 15. If it's anything like the snippet from the “director's cut" we just saw, you're gonna be rolling on the floor laughing.

For more on Paisley, check out his performance of “Last Time For Everything" in the video below, where he puts his self-designed signature telecaster guitar to good use.

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