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Blake Shelton & The Oak Ridge Boys Jam Out on ‘Elvira’ Live in The Studio


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  • July 20, 2017

Blake Shelton and The Oak Ridge Boys teamed up for an awesome live-in-the-studio performance of The Oak Ridge Boys' classic hit “Elvira."

Six weeks after partnering on a couple surprise duets at the famed Grand Ole Opry music venue in Nashville, Shelton and the boys wanted to make a live recording. That's how you know it was a good performance — you're still thinking about it six weeks later. “Elvira" remains largely the same in the studio recording — because the song is already strong with its impressive stand-alone vocal harmonies. But somehow, the catchy track is rounded out even more by Shelton's presence. The “Boys 'Round Here" singer takes the mic for the second verse, and works his voice into the bright harmony for the rest of the song.

Shelton and The Oak Ridge Boys also took a swing at Shelton's popular song “Doing It To Country Songs." The track was released last year as part of the singer's If I'm Honest album, and gets a little makeover of its own. Shelton is back in center stage for this cool collaboration, but just like he did for “Elvira," The Oak Ridge Boys breathe even more life into the song with their contributions to the chorus.

Listen to the tracks here!

And speaking of bringing the track to life, Shelton has a new animated video for “Doing It To Country Songs."

It's a must watch — taking place in “Lake Shelton" — and featuring Blake Shelton as “Blake Buck" along with The Oak Ridge Boys' Duane Allen as the wolf, Joe Bonsall as the beaver, William Lee Golden as the possum, and Richard Sterban as the frog.

Shelton and The Oak Ridge Boys are both bringing their respective summer tours to an end, but that doesn't mean there aren't more collaborations in the works.

Next month, they'll both be at the American Kickoff Festival in Colorado Springs. Maybe they can bring some Colorado critters on stage and re-enact the “Doing It To Country Songs" video along with performing “Elvira!"

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