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6 Unexpected Hobbies Your Favorite Country Stars Have

6 unexpected hobbies your favorite country stars have.

Hobbies are really important in life, but it can be hard to walk the line between a hobby and an obsession at times. If you're ever feeling guilty about how you're striking that balance, take a page from Brad Paisley's book, and embrace the hobby.

We've compiled a list of some awesome hobbies that you may not know your favorite country artists love to get caught up in. Check 'em out below!

Artist: Brad Paisley
Hobby: Bass Fishing and Bow Shooting

Brad Paisley has the fishing chops to back up all of his great songs about the topic, including his hit “I'm Gonna Miss Her."

“Well I love her / and I love to fish / I spend all day out on this lake / and hell is all I catch… / but right now I'm on this lakeshore / and I'm sittin' in the sun / oh, lookie there, I've got a bite!"

And beyond that, Paisley also shoots a crossbow. But his targets aren't the usual suspects.

According to Paisley, “I've got a bunch of targets. It looks almost like a miniature golf course or something. I've got bears and velociraptors and coyotes all over the farm. It looks like the worst zoo you've ever seen. It looks like I'm a nut. But I go out on the porch in the morning with a cup of coffee and just shoot."

Artist: Sam Hunt
Hobby: Football and Cat Maintenance

Sam Hunt played football all through college, like a fair amount of country stars have. But what makes this hobby of Hunt's really special is that he actually played in the NFL for a brief time, see proof below:


Photo courtesy of UAB Sports.

Wanna know something else interesting about Hunt? While most of his counterparts tend to be dog people, Hunt is a cat man!


Image courtesy of Instagram.

For more on the “Make You Miss Me" singer and his feline companions, check out Sam Hunt's Instagram, it's littered with cat photos! Haha, see what we did there?

Artist: Kenny Chesney
Hobby: Surfing

Chesney played a little football himself and was a receiver in high school but these days, you can find him catching waves! He learned to hit the waters in recent years and surfed a ton during his time off from making music.

Artist: Toby Keith
Hobby: Breeding Horses

This should give Keith's popular song “Beer For My Horses" some crucial context. Toby Keith breeds thoroughbred horses for racing, and has between 300 and 500 horses in Oklahoma and Kentucky at any given time. Suffice it to say he's gonna need a lot of beer to satisfy those stallions.

Artist: Tim McGraw
Hobby: Baseball

Tim McGraw has always been a fan of competitive sports, but didn't always known the reason why. Growing up, McGraw thought his biological father was Horace Smith, but one day, while looking for his birth certificate in a shoebox, he noticed that his real father's name and occupation were written on it. It read: “Tug McGraw, professional baseball player." Now his love for baseball made sense. His father had been a pitcher for the New York Mets all along! Watch Tim McGraw talk about his shocking discovery and what it meant for him below:

Artist: Jake Owen
Hobby: Dirt Biking

A lot of country songs are about getting outdoors. And when it comes to actually doing that, Jake Owen takes it to the extreme. The outdoorsman is a huge fan of dirt biking, so much so that he made headlines in 2016 when he was involved in a serious accident that sent him to the emergency room. Check out his social media post below to see the fallout from Jake Owen's wild ride – but be warned: it's a fairly graphic injury.

And there you have it! You've got a whole new set of hobbies you could try — straight from the lives of your favorite country stars! Now go on, there's hobbies to explore.

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