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Luke Bryan Grants Wish for Superfan Battling Cancer


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  • July 19, 2017

Who doesn't love Luke Bryan? Well if you needed another reason to admire the superstar sensation, here it is!

The "Kick The Dust Up" singer is well known for lending his time to charitable causes and his latest humble contribution to all that is good in this world is pulling on our heartstrings.

Bryan had a show in Cleveland on Saturday night (July 15) and carved out the time before the concert kicked off to hang out with 9-year-old Addi Keegan. Keegan has been fighting cancer since she was a toddler, but never let that stop her love of Luke Bryan and her dream to attend one of his shows.

Thanks to Luke and company, that dream came true! A Special Wish Cleveland provided transport for Keegan and her family, giving her backstage access to Saturday night's concert. During their hangout, Addi told Luke that her favorite song is “Play it Again." Luke, seeing an opportunity, told her that she “better be paying attention tonight!"

And sure enough, when the time came to perform “Play it Again," Luke dedicated the song to Addi. And boy did he play it again. Addi was overwhelmed with joy during the moment, already beaming from getting to meet her country music idol, creating a memory she'll always remember. And we know she has a good memory, because Addi was seen singing every single word. She says she knows all of Luke's lyrics.

Addi describes listening to his music as “magic," and that magic was alive and well on her special night. When asked how much she loves Luke Bryan, she answered: “9,999 hearts and stars."

Luke stole more than 9,999 hearts with this incredible gesture and reminded us all of his humility and genuine kindness. And Addi reminds us all of resilience, positivity, and the power of music to be your sidekick in whatever battles you are fighting.

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