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Celebrate Luke: 5 Times Luke Bryan Busted A Move


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  • July 17, 2017

5 times Luke Bryan busted a move and had the whole crowd shakin'.

Guys and gals, you've really got a reason to shake it today. Country superstar and hip-shaking hotshot Luke Bryan is officially 41 today, and he looks (and moves) as strong as ever!

When you do a YouTube search for yourself, looking to see displays of your scintillating dancing skills, chances are you're going to be buried under miles and miles of Luke Bryan videos. It's hard to compete with somebody who has full discussions and videos online dedicated to answering everyone's most important question: can you beat Luke Bryan's dance moves?

See for yourself with these five videos of Luke Bryan doing what he does best.

1. He can Drop The Thun Thun, even though they till him not to.

2. He can “whip" and he can “nae nae."

3. He shows us how to do “the move" from his hit single, “Move."

4. He tells us what his kind of night looks like in terms of getting down.

5. He even has an instructional, fan-shot course on how to shake your tailgate properly!

And the best part about Luke Bryan's dancing domination? He shares his secrets by giving us his “Rules For The Booty," courtesy of The Ellen Show.

If you think you stack up after watching these dance moves from the master, then you might want to consider switching to a career that involves a little less sitting and a lot more dancing.

Happy hip-shakin' birthday, Luke! Keep it groovy, and thank you for all of your tips!

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