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RaeLynn Shares Music Video For Single ‘Lonely Call’


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  • July 14, 2017

RaeLynn's debut LP WildHorse is featuring some seriously emotional and candid tracks. From her single “Love Triangle," which described the hardships of her parents' divorce, to now her latest tune, “Lonely Call," which talks about a real time during her relationship with her now-husband.

The Voice alum released a brand new music video for her new single, “Lonely Call," today, June 14. The video features the country singer lending a hand to a girlfriend in need, with a little help from her squad, when an ex-boyfriend continues to blow-up her phone. In reality, the song was inspired by a brief breakup between RaeLynn and husband Josh Davis. During an interview with ET, RaeLynn explains what inspired the empowering tune.

“We dated for eight months and broke up … the song is verbatim how I felt," RaeLynn recalled. “I remember him calling me one night and he wasn't being mean or anything like that – when you're together and you're so in love, you want to call the person even if you're not together. I was like, 'I'm not your lonely call! I'm a Texas girl! I'm gonna be this and this and this.' I wrote the song and everytime [Josh] hears it he just laughs. He goes, 'I always regretted breaking up with you, but listen, you wouldn't have gotten any of these songs if I didn't do it.' I was like, 'Whatever!'"

Watch RaeLynn's music video for “Lonely Call" in the clip below:

The single follows "Love Triangle" as the second radio single off RaeLynn's album, Wildhorse, after fans responded overwhelmingly to the track. "It just kinda really took a life of it's own,“ RaeLynn admitted. Former Voice mentor and real-life friend Blake Shelton also was a huge fan of the track and was adamant it needed to be the next single off her record. "I played him this song a long time ago, when I was like, 19," Rae said. “He's always fought for this song. So when he found out that it was going on the record, he was like, 'This needs to be your next single. I don't know why you're thinking of any other song.' That's when we were like, 'This is definitely the right thing.'"

For more on the country star, catch her out on the road during her RaVe Tour, which continues through mid-November.

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