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Old Dominion Set To Release More Tracks From Upcoming Album


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  • July 13, 2017

Old Dominion will release another track off of their upcoming album, Happy Endings, which drops on August 25.

“Shoe Shopping" is the third song to be released from the new album, right behind “Written in the Sand" and “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart." If you've seen Old Dominion perform live, you know that anyone who witnesses their energetic and upbeat shows leaves feeling cheerful and refreshed. The talented group of five first came together in Nashville around 2007. While establishing themselves as songwriters in town, they also went to work on recording an EP. Following that release, Old Dominion went to work on their first full length album, Meat and Candy.

When Meat and Candy came out, it was clear that the group's hard work had paid off. The album contained two number-one country hits: “Break Up With Him" and “Song For Another Time." Meat and Candy's success gave the band swift momentum and they have played over 400 shows since. They also crossed touring with Kenny Chesney and Thomas Rhett off of their bucket list in 2016. As for their upcoming album, it is said to embody the changes and growth that the group has made over the years. In a recent interview with Billboard, lead vocalist Matthew Ramsey sat down to discuss their new music, growth, and exploration.

“There's definitely some differences in this one, where we didn't feel as much pressure to be like 'Hey, look at us,'" Ramsey told Billboard. “I feel like we've got some attention now and we can stretch our legs a little bit." The pressure of a strong introduction to the world with a first release is behind them, and they were able to hone in on their strengths from their last album. While you can expect to hear similar qualities from Meat and Candy, you can also anticipate greater variety strung throughout their new music.

Already, we can notice the uniqueness and variety between the already released tracks. “Written in the Sand" is slow and flirty, while “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart" has more of an upbeat tempo with a “sing along" feel to it. Some things that you won't find on their first album but can expect on the sophomore release of Happy Endings are a live-recorded track and a collaboration.

According to Billboard, Little Big Town added their voices to the guy's track, “Stars in the City." Less than a month away from the release of Happy Endings, we are eagerly counting down the days until we can hear more music from this talented group. Don't forget to check out “Shoe Shopping" when it releases tomorrow, July 14!

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