New Artist Spotlight: Cale Dodds

This week's New Artist Spotlight shines on Columbus, Georgia native Cale Dodds. After moving to Nashville to follow his dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter, he released his debut EP back in 2014. Dodds unique blend of country music incorporates classic rock as well as pop elements that can be heard on his EP, Wild and Reckless.

“The title Wild and Reckless is about that desire for freedom and that endless ambition to fight for something more," Cale says, reflecting on his feelings at the time to pursue this career.

Since his debut EP was released, Dodds has not only racked up over ten million streams on Spotify with his latest EP, People Watching, but had his first taste of songwriter success. The singer was a co-writer on “(This Ain't No) Drunk Dial," the second single from A Thousand Horses' debut album Southernality. Signed to Warner Music Nashville in January of this year, Dodds continues to promote singles off his 2016 EP, most recently his song “Lying," which features a clever play on words to mask inevitable heartbreak:

“Right in the front of that, Pontiac, kicking back, driver's side, window cracked. / With the radio up / Just the two of us, lying on the hood of my car, under the stars falling as hard as they were / Didn't know we didn't mean it, swore we believed it / Took it too far / She said forever, I should've never let her out of these arms / But the truth is we were just lying, lying on the hood of my car."

Dodds has opened for several big names during his career so far, including Brett Eldredge, Billy Currington and Sam Hunt. Similar to Hunt, Dodds isn't afraid to test the boundaries of country music and is constantly working on his performance to provide fans with a genuine and meaningful experience. "Playing live is most important to me, the goal for me is to make the audience feel like a member of the band,“ he explains.

Learn more about Dodds here and keep up with the rising star on social media by following him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.