5 Country Songs That Will Light Up Your 4th of July

The time is finally here. BBQ stains on your white t-shirt, cold beer by the grill, yard games like cornhole, and of course — fireworks. There's nothing quite like fireworks to light up a 4th of July celebration. Except these country songs!

1. Courtesy Of The Red, White, and Blue — Toby Keith

This patriotic song is the first one that came to my mind when thinking about this list. It invokes the freedom and fireworks that makes Independence Day special. The tune describes the United States' accomplishments in past wars, with lyrics like, “lit up your world like the Fourth of July." And you can just see “the Statue of Liberty shakin' her first." Hear the passion in this track, and light up your sky.

2. Chicken Fried — Zac Brown Band

What are the ingredients of a bombastic 4th of July? You'd have them all if you just listened to “Chicken Fried" by Zac Brown Band. This song has all the essentials for the ultimate celebration of Independence Day — fried chicken, cold beer, “a pair of jeans that fit just right," and the radio all the way up? No way that Fourth of July party is going to fail.

3. Independence Day — Martina McBride

Martina McBride brilliantly captures the essence of Independence Day in this American anthem. She is all about America's promise to “let freedom ring" and “let the white dove sing." And, much like Toby Keith, she tells a story of how her mother “lit up that sky on the Fourth of July" on a patriotic day that is clearly very dear to her. Put this song on before your Fourth of July barbecue, and watch people feel the freedom.

4. Made In America — Toby Keith

This song title speaks for itself. Take a page from Keith's old man, and wherever you are, get that “red, white, and blue flyin' high on the farm."

5. American Kids — Kenny Chesney

Do you want a summary of all that makes being young in America great in 3 minutes? Throw this country smash on, and you'll get a window into chasing the American Dream and growing up along the way. Perfect time to eat all the hot dogs and hamburgers you would chow down on as a kid.

Enjoy these country jams to make this your most electric 4th of July yet!