Brett Young Releases Third Single to Country Radio

Brett Young is gearing up to release his third single to country radio, “Like I Loved You,” which will start spinning on July 17.

While heartbreak is not a new concept for the country genre, Young's two previous releases have focused on the brighter side of love, making this next single unique. “In Case You Didn’t Know,” which hit the top of the charts, and his debut single, “Sleep Without You,” are odes to devotion and true love.

“Like I Loved You” follows the story of those two songs, however the relationship has taken a turn for the worst. Young is still singing about devotion, but now it is unfortunately unrequited. The honest perspective was written by Young and his co-writer Jesse Lee which features very relatable lyrics:

“Don’t tell me we can still be friends / Hanging on the weekend / You’re gonna be okay if I start seeing somebody new / You hope that I do / It won’t be long / Till I forget to call every time that I’m drinking / And you ain’t the love song / I can’t keep from singing / I gotta be honest / You really believe that’s the truth / You never loved me like I loved you”

While moving on after a breakup is generally for the best, Young's tune is an ernest attempt to understand his feelings. Throughout the song, the country singer questions the demise of his relationship and is adamant that he must of always cared more than the one he loved. “Like I Loved You" is a passionate song that easily conveys the agony and hurt in Young's voice and is sure to be very relatable to listeners.

Fans can hear the new single as the the California native joins Kelsea Ballerini on Lady Antebellum’s You Look Good World Tour throughout the summer making stops in 65 cities including heading stops in Europe and, for the first time, performing in South Africa. For the full list of tour dates check out and grab Young’s self titled debut album on iTunes.