MegaPick: Noah Guthrie 'The Valley'

Noah Guthrie may have gotten his start on Fox's hit show Glee, playing Roderick Meeks back in 2015 during the show's final season, but he has now turned his focus to creating original music with his powerful voice.

Growing up in South Carolina in a home that encouraged him to find his true voice and sing as often as he could, Guthrie was able to hone in on his abilities from a young age. Receiving his first guitar at age fourteen, he began learning to play and write his own music. By the time his fingers touched the strings of that guitar, he was already a practiced musician on the bass and the trumpet.

Releasing his debut album The Valley today, June 23, Guthrie has weaved those skills that he has culminated throughout his life to create a soul-filled LP. His voice has an undeniable depth and a grit that shines throughout the album. Blending Americana, bluegrass, folk, soul and country, each song has a unique tone.

Stand out songs on the record include the title track, “The Valley" which has a simple melody, allowing the true grittiness of Guthrie's voice to sparkle. The lyrics are poetic: “save your strength for the valley, the morning soon to come,“ he wails in the chorus. "Your soul is strong enough so let it breathe or let it fall apart travel won't find you in the dark, find a little light a little spark you're closer than you think."

Another highlight is the second single released off the project, “Pardon Me." Co-written with Matthew Perryman Jones, the track is melancholy and the melody builds as the lyrics are a slow burn:

“So pardon me, if I just fall apart / You molded me like clay in your hands / Tied my feet, and you forced me to stand / Dirty wounds, / there's blood in the sand," he sings. “So pardon me if I don't join in your dance / Say that you wanted me / Even after the fall / Say that you / needed me after all."

The entire album is an easy listen, a cohesive record that begs for repeat spins. For fans of Gavin Degraw, Anderson East and even Chris Stapleton you will love Noah Guthrie. Grab The Valley on iTunes today!