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Cross Atlantic Releases Debut Single & Music Video


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  • June 02, 2017

What do you get when a small town girl from Missouri meets an Englishman in a Nashville coffee shop? The budding country duo Cross Atlantic. Karli Chayne and James Sinclair Stott's unexpected meeting was a moment of musical fate and the two once aspiring singer/songwriters have just released both their debut single “Mercy" and music video.

“Mercy" is a simple tune that addresses the intensity of love and begs for the slightest relief from the powerful emotion. The talented duo's accompanying music video follows suit with the songs simplicity and features both Chayne and Stott sitting in a movie theater performing “Mercy" while watching a black and white film. With only the accompaniment of Stott on the guitar, Chayne's sweet vocals power through the song while the duo's beautiful harmonies come together for brief moments during the chorus.

Watch Cross Atlantic's debut single “Mercy" in the music video below:

Mercy by Cross Atlantic on VEVO.

Cross Atlantic are country newcomer's whose debut single showcases their talent for storytelling as well as their musical chemistry. The duo's music is a unique blend of Stott's eclectic upbringing on English rock and film soundtracks, and Karli's country roots. “Mercy" is an impressive musical introduction to country fans and their winning combination of genres is sure to catch the ear of country music lovers on both sides of the Atlantic.

For upcoming shows, information and more on Cross Atlantic, check out their official website and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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