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Home Free

Home Free


From The Top (2007)

Kickin It Old School (2009)

Christmas Vol. 1 (2010)

Christmas Vol, 2 (2010)

Live from the Road (2012)

Crazy Life (2014)

Full of Cheer (2014)

Country Evolution (2015)

Full of (Even More) Cheer (2016)

Timeless (2017)


Originally formed in 2000 by Chris Rupp, Home Free originates in Mankato, Minnesota. The five founding members were brothers Chris and Adam Rupp, Matt Atwood, Darren Scruggs and Dan Lemke. Their band name is taken from a boat owned by Atwood’s grandfather who helped financially support the group in their early years.


Though they began as a hobby, Home Free had gained enough momentum to pursue music full time by 2007. Over the years, with group members coming and going, Home Free now stands as Austin Brown (tenor), Adam Chance (baritone), Tim Foust (bass), Rob Lundquist (tenor), and Adam Rupp (vocal percussion). Founding member Chris Rupp left the group in 2016 to pursue a solo career. The group’s recent country stylings is largely in part thanks to group members Tim Foust and Austin Brown who angled their sound more and more towards country seeing how well audiences responded to their new direction. Their latest album Timeless dropped on September 22, 2017 on Columbia Records.

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